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Inch Loss Wraps - a great way to lose inches!
Inch Loss Wrap
Inch Loss Wrap

Inch Loss Wrap


The wraps are anti-inflammatory and work by using lipolysis and not make you lose inches by making you sweat out water.


The results from inch-loss wraps also make them a popular choice of treatment before a big event (e.g. a wedding) where fast weight loss or to lose inches temporarily is most important


Whether you diet or train, you don’t lose fat cells, you lose subcutaneous fat inside the cells.  The wrap’s natural ingredients help to saturate the wall of the cell and work to release accumulated subcutaneous fat inside the cell.  The excess substance liquefied by the ingredients in the wraps goes through the blood circulation to the lymph system, to excrete from the body.  This is a normal excretion action that cleanses the excessive fatty substance from the body, and the excess substance is flushed out through the lymphatic system, your normal elimination process.


These wraps not only help with inch loss, they also help to reduce size and visibility of scarring, cellulite, defines, tighten, tones and firms skin and enhances the body’s contours.  Body Wraps improve the elasticity, moisturises and vitalises the skin leaving it smooth and flexible with a youthful and fresh appearance.


Who would benefit from Inch-Loss Wraps?


×          Women with loose skin from pregnancy or weight changes

×          Women with stretch marks

×          Women with cellulite problems

×          Women who want to lose inches for a special occasion

×          People who do not have excess weight, but need to lose a few inches and improve their shape

×          People with overly dry skin

×          Men with problem stomachs, waist or midriffs

×          Out of proportion bodies

×          Teenagers who need some positive help with their figures

×          Men and women who want to look terrific FAST




×          Avoid alcohol and heavy meals for 24 hours after treatment

×          Always drink plenty of water after treatment

×          Do not undertake any other body treatments for 48 hours after treatment

×          Avoid direct sunlight / sunbeds and heat e.g. saunas for 48 hours after treatment

×          Keep skincare products to a minimum for 24 hours after treatment

×          Stay relaxed 12 hours after treatment

×          For long-term results book in for regular treatments.


How the Inch-Loss Wrap works


First, you will have a consultation.  Then measurements are taken of the various areas to be wrapped, so that we can record / compare the before and after results, such as inches from each thigh, waist, hips and each arm.


Next, body brushing is done, followed by Dead Sea Salt Scrub exfoliation to remove all the dead skin cells and help improve your circulation.  This part of the treatment is perhaps the most important, as your pores will have a better chance of soaking in the treatment if the layer of dead skin has been removed.


This is followed by an application of Inch-loss cream and the body is then wrapped, which will warm the tissue, increase circulation and improve the skin condition.  The wrap is left on for 60 mins and then removed, leaving your skin feeling warm, soft and smooth.


The areas of your body are re-measured to see the results – we expect to see a loss of between 6 – 8 inches from your body.  This means you could drop a dress size!


Then relax with a complementary drink – feeling great!


By following the advice on aftercare, it will encourage the inches to stay off!


It is a myth that if you drink a glass of water after the treatment, you will put the inches back on.  In fact, the more water you drink, the longer the inch loss lasts!


This a great way to lose inches, but it must be remembered that this is a temporary measure and is designed to be used in situations where you need to see temporary results, such as fitting into a dress for special night out or weddings etc. 


For a more permanent result, regular inch-loss treatments aids keeping the inches off, and works even better with a controlled diet.